A guide to the major players within the world of higher flying

As I explain in the Beginner’s Guide, to be a successful higher flyer, you have to know the industry inside and out.  In learning the various quirks and nuances that differentiate airlines and hotels and banks, you’ll become much more aware of the ways that you can earn and redeem miles/points.  Look no further than this section to get the information required to fly higher.

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Industry Skills

Aspirational Travel


Of course, the blog entries I write here on The Higher Flyer may not always suffice, so here are two additional sources of information…

Beyond THF

The Higher Flyer isn’t the only blog about miles and points and travel.  If you want different perspectives, follow the above link to see some of my favorites, as well as some other valuable resources outside of this website.

The Higher Flyer Consulting

If you need more help beyond what’s provided above and throughout the blog, I invite you to consider registering for The Higher Flyer Consulting.  I offer a number of comprehensive services at competitive rates, all of which are guaranteed to get you flying higher quickly and effectively.