Obviously there’s more to travel than the journey, and while The Higher Flyer mostly covers the airlines and hotels aspect of it, it’d be malpractice to ignore the destinations entirely.  I mean, why else would you go through the trouble of flying so far if it weren’t for some greater purpose and a new adventure?  Would it really only be to experience cutting edge products like… Iberia Premium Economy and a tired looking business class product on AA?


You can find my own collections of photos, impressions of select cities, and encounters and experiences on the streets in this section.  My goal is to capture places as its residents experience them — this is further described in the post “On the inclusion of photo tours” — and hopefully the photos and comments adequately convey the vibes felt on the ground.  I hope you enjoy, and feel free to send questions my way by clicking here or emailing paul@thehigherflyer.org; likewise, I’d love to hear your recommendations as well!

standing at angkor wat IG
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Impressions & Experiences

  • 54 Hours in Madrid – coming soon


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