Photo of the Week!

F 4; 1/400; 100mm.

Shot moments after takeoff at Los Angeles International Airport.

The groundhog saw his shadow this year, but six more weeks of winter be damned: it’s March and spring will soon be upon us (provided that you live in the Northern Hemisphere). Better yet, unlike this time last year, the future ahead of us is something to be excited about. Temperatures are going up and the landscape is turning green and colorful once again — as this week’s photo reflects — all the while COVID cases are plummeting and vaccine administrations are finally progressing appropriately. Perhaps this means that there’ll be more people and more planes in the skies too, and the scene pictured here will become all the more common. For the sake of higher flying, let’s hope that travel reawakens too!

In the meantime though, there are still some restrictions to be wary of — especially for those traveling internationally — and we’re not quite out of the woods yet. Unless you’re absolutely certain that you can travel unimpeded and without any surprise(s), it’s still best to plan to stay home for the time being. Passengers onboard China-bound flights (like those on the Air China Boeing 777 shown above) now face a new, rather-unfortunate entrance requirement for example, and who would want to have a trip derailed because of that.

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