Photo of the Week!

F 8; 1/320; ISO 100; 18mm.

Shot near Moab, Utah, at Canyonlands National Park.

Coronavirus is in the air — seriously, stay safe out there (and consider refraining from travel altogether)! — but chilly temperatures are rising and spring is on the way.  As seasonal changes slowly make their ways to places in the western United States, where elevation is high and winters are long and harsh, snow melts to reveal new landscapes.  Many of the past few “Photos of the week” have all highlighted the rugged natural grandeur of this part of the country.  It’s not a coincidence that all prominently feature snow.  While that’s all starting to disappear now, that doesn’t mean that the region is losing its beauty.  Quite the opposite actually; instead, it’s just a makeover in progress.

Pictured here is the famous “Window Arch” found in the “Island in the Sky” section of Canyonlands National Park.  There’s still some snow — that much is obvious — but the red sands and rocks that the Colorado Plateau is known for are all quite visible too.  It makes for a striking transition.

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