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Boeing’s in trouble, but that’s good news for higher flyers

The Daily Flyer

Welcome to the third edition of “The Daily Flyer,” The Higher Flyer‘s daily newsletter gathering up and summarizing some of the day’s most important happenings in the world of airlines, hotels, award points, and other travel-related things.  Today’s feature — for February 13, 2020 — explores how Boeing’s tumultuous year indirectly benefits higher flyers, as well as some exciting oneworld news and surprising new American Airlines routes.  Today was a big day!

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Analyzing the 737 MAX in the contemporary aviation industry

The future of air travel?

Even though the first iteration of the 737 MAX has already taken to the skies this year, the 2017 Paris Air Show was the equivalent of a break-out party for this next generation of planes. The producer of them, Boeing, inked deals for 571 new orders over the course of the four day event, which inspired speculation regarding the development and progression of commercial air travel. Continue reading “Analyzing the 737 MAX in the contemporary aviation industry”

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