Photo of the Week!

F 7.1; 1/1000; 21mm.

Shot on descent in to Miami International Airport, somewhere above Florida.

(and welcome back to more-regular THF programming!)

Daylight savings time is upon us once again (don’t forget to set your clocks forward this weekend!) and temperatures are warming and rains are falling, but the transition from winter to spring in 2022 is looking to be especially dramatic. COVID lingers, and while we’re not in the same place we were two years ago, the perpetual optimism for recovery still has yet to yield a meaningful return to the “before” times; maybe this time will be different? We’re learning to live with COVID after all, but perhaps any and all progress will reverse as the tragedy in Ukraine unfolds. For reasons far beyond a desire to travel, we must continue hoping — and working — for better.

This entry to the “Photo of the Week!” series reflects a lot of the uncertainty swirling around the world at large. Winds are blowing and things are changing quickly — notice the cloud wisps in the shape of airstreams in the bottom-left portion of the frame — and just as there are blue skies far off, ominous storm clouds abound too. With so many outcomes possible, the next few months will be fascinating. Be sure to stay tuned, and feel free to comment and/or reach out.

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