Photo of the Week!

F 4; 1/100; 32mm.

Shot in Washington, DC, at Black Lives Matter Plaza.

On Thursday, June 17, 2021, President Biden signed a bill in to law proclaiming Juneteenth a federal holiday. For decades this date has been observed for decades — it honors the freeing of slaves in 1865 — at the state level (particularly in Texas), but it struggled to gain nationwide traction. This is a good and welcome gesture, but ultimately, it’s just that: a gesture. Eugene Robinson, while writing for the Washington Post, asserts that the bipartisan support for it rings a bit hollow; the Republicans who supported the legislation are the same ones who are actively trying to disenfranchise African American voters through restrictive voting laws. On top of that, Robinson details attacks on critical race theory across right wing media, insufficient aid and protection for black citizens, and bad faith negotiations vis-à-vis the interests of people of color.

Perhaps though this is a step in the right direction for race relations in the United States. There’s so much work to be done still, but progress — as minor as it may be — is still progress. Let’s keep marching on for a better, anti-racist future.

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