Photo of the Week!

F 7.1; 1/1000; 135mm.

Shot at the Fifth Street Lifeguard Post on Miami, Florida’s South Beach.

If the previous entry in the “Photo of the Week!” series celebrates the return of summer, then this edition reflects that we’re full speed ahead in to the new season. Indeed, the numbers confirm this — the TSA processed the highest number of travelers since the onset of the pandemic this past week — and these trends are bound to continue as more and more become vaccinated and restrictions are subsequently lifted. One thing to bear in mind: the vast majority of these returning passengers are confined to domestic flights. Imagine how bustling it’ll be when it gets easier to go internationally… that’ll be a whole new world (har har har), and it’s so exciting to think about.

Cheers to a summer of adventure, and please, please get vaccinated if you haven’t already!

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