Photo of the Week!

F 2.8; 1/4000; 24mm.

Shot at the southern tip of Miami Beach, Florida, at South Beach’s South Pointe Park.

The coming holiday weekend in the United States — Memorial Day, which honors those who died in military service — marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Sure, the solstice (which will make the change in season official) isn’t until June 20, and most schools are in session (because when those let out, then the fun really begins) for a few more weeks still, but temperatures are rising and staying high until the fall. For those eager to leave behind the winter, this change is certainly welcome. Hello sunshine!

Beyond the transition to warmer weather, now marks a particularly exciting time in our return to normalcy as well. With the CDC giving the “all clear” for fully-vaccinated folks to resume their old, pre-pandemic ways, opportunities to make up for the lost year abound. Beaches, like the one shown here, are beginning to fill back up; cheers to the new adventures and all the possibilities this summer offers as we move on from the “COVID winter.” Have fun and fly higher!

And of course, remember to stay safe and healthy (and get vaccinated if you haven’t already), and be responsible and respectful to those who may still be wary of COVID. We are, at long last, almost through this!

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