Photo of the Week!

F 5.6; .8″; 202mm.

Shot at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

…hopefully once and for all!

“Photo of the Week!” entries commonly feature commentaries on current events — particularly relating to the ongoing pandemic — and this week is no exception. With Dr. Fauci’s recent announcement proclaiming the United States to be “out of the pandemic phase,” the country is officially turning a corner, and many people collectively are ready to embrace the new normal. However, what that entails exactly is still very much fluid, especially with varying comfort levels. Just as you no longer have to wear masks on planes, some still will, social gatherings are allowed and encouraged, but many still hesitate to be among huge swaths of humanity.

Tour groups are descending on Washington, DC — school trips are particularly popular in the spring — and the Lincoln Memorial is a popular site/sight. While its front steps will be routinely jam-packed with visitors until the start of fall, its backside maintains a more “locals only” feel. The couples photographed here are together yet socially distanced. Perhaps this is a reflection of a new norm taking form, or maybe like many romantics, they just want some privacy in public spaces.

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