Photo of the Week!

F 4.5; 1/320; 107mm.

Shot on Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, DC.

Happy fifth Friday! It’s fitting that such an eventful month (both here in Washington and elsewhere beyond) seems to have been dragging on forever. The Higher Flyer previously touched on a few of the most important issues politically-speaking — yes, this is a travel blog, but some topics are unavoidable — and things look to be stabilizing as we head in to February. As the cliché goes though, the more things change, the more they stay the same; we’re still a long way from “normal.” Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in New Zealand and can go about daily activities and gather in crowds without the fear of coronavirus infections, then you’re probably living under some form of lockdown.

Joe Biden’s election and subsequent inauguration led to a collective sigh of relief (for some, at least), but in the ten-ish days since he took office, things haven’t tangibly changed for the better… yet. His administration has been busy and there are meaningful, encouraging first steps to combat the virus, but for the time being, the scene depicted in this “Photo of the Week!” entry will be all too common throughout most of the world. It’s frustrating and tragic, especially when you consider the devastating new strains in the United Kingdom and South Africa, but we should hopefully be through the woods soon. Emphasis on the “hope.”

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