Photo of the Week!

F 4.5; 1/160; 50mm.

Shot at The Windows, a section of Arches National Park, which is located in Moab, Utah.

Over the past few months/couple years, many of us have been guilty of assuming the end of the pandemic is closer than ever — lets not jinx it this time! — but the current state of affairs is encouraging. While it’s increasingly likely that we’ll have to learn to live with the coronavirus (whereas eradication seems like wishful thinking), countries everywhere are turning the corner and becoming amenable to opening back up. A number of Asian countries, which had some of the most conservative COVID responses, are welcoming visitors again. With such positive progress, it’s easy to think that this time is different; after a long slog, sunlight awaits! This week’s entry in the “Photo of the Week” series reflects this.

Developments in the past week suggest flying might continue to be unnecessarily complicated in the near future, but hey: some travel is better than none at all. The airplane mask mandate might drop in mid-April, too, so perhaps that will make things more bearable at least… We’ll see!

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