Photo of the Week!

F 4.5; 1/1000; 18mm.

Shot near the Makapu’u Point Light House Trail on Oahu.

Aside from a photograph from days long past, a pained expression in a too-cramped lavatory, and a snooze that only appears on the “Error 404” screen, I rarely show my face on The Higher Flyer. The site could hardly be characterized as self-promotional — I’m just a messenger writing about maximizing purchasing power when traveling — but because my birthday falls before the next weekly edition, I figure it’s okay to make an exception. Besides, this photo is dramatically perfect for today’s “holiday” too — happy April Fools’ Day!

For that matter, composing this week’s photo was nowhere near as dangerous as the visual might suggest; there’s a way to frame it so that my feet appear to be dangling from a much higher perch than they are. So, don’t worry, Mom & Dad — I’m not that reckless! — and everyone should go see for themselves. Hawaii just lifted its quarantine requirements, so you can once again visit without having to worry about being waylaid by COVID-related restrictions. There’s a rush to get in and prices are high as a result, but the astounding beauty on the shores and on the mountains and everywhere in between (like the Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline, a mere half-hour from Honolulu!) is well worth the cost. Look to late summer though for potentially better prices, or, if you’ve been accruing points without purpose over the past two years, it’s hard to find a more perfect place to spend them in the United States!

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