Photo of the Week!

F 10.8; 1/800; ISO 100; 97mm.

Shot on the north side of the White House — looking southward — in Washington, DC.

The world shut down in Spring 2020 because of the coronavirus outbreak, and the subsequent recovery efforts have been frustratingly uneven.  People everywhere are anxiously awaiting a return to normalcy and, in North America particularly, the deliberative process has stirred some political controversy.  Last week, these disagreements were promptly swept aside in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, an objectively horrifying incident that added to the United States’s ugly, centuries-long history of racial bigotry.

Social distancing be damned, thousands of angry, fed up citizens everywhere took to city streets to peacefully protest and advocate for a more perfect Union for all; the Washington Post‘s editorial board expressed it best in its recent publication “Even amid strife, the best of America shows itself.”  Indeed, despite the dangers posed by disease and further police brutality, people are bravely taking it upon themselves to stand up for justice.  This week’s “Photo of the Week!” entry reflects their strength and resiliency at the country’s most-famous residence.

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