Photo of the Week!

F 5.6; 1/80; ISO 100; 21mm.

Shot on the east side of the Washington Monument — looking westward — in Washington, DC.

For the eighth week in a row, the devastating effects of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak are influencing the weekly entry to the “Photo of the Week!” series.  As the United States suffers through this quagmire — one mired by poor policy-making, irresponsibility and blame shifting, and of course, an incomparable number of casualties — one of its (former) top doctors and immunologists, Dr. Rick Bright, gave damning testimony to Congress.  He asserted, among other things, if the U.S. Federal Government fails to further expand its response to the coronavirus, then it would be “the darkest winter in modern history.”  Apropos of that, the sun setting over the silhouette of one of Washington, DC’s most-famous monuments as storm clouds roll in seems like a fitting representation.  They’re ominously looming, just as the future is for millions of Americans.

These are scary times, and we need to stay strong, smart, and vigilant.  As was written during the past few weeks, this too shall pass.  Let’s hope sooner rather than later!

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