Photo of the Week!

F 8; 1/160; ISO 100; 24mm.

Shot at Greater New Hope Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

The title of this week’s “Photo of the Week” entry is inspired by a note inlaid into a prominent stained glass window at the Greater New Hope Baptist Church in Washington, DC.  The structure is tall and, thanks to its stone facade, it’s imposing.  When you take a closer look at the more delicately-designed window though, behold…

Photo of the Week POTW 2020-05-May-29 There is Hope pt 2

F.5; 1/160; ISO 100; 124mm.

As the United States has now suffered 100,000 fatalities from the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important to remember the message presented here:  “there is hope.”  With increasingly bleak statistics, it doesn’t matter whether you’re religious or not, we all still have to keep the faith.  As was the case last week, things are looking up throughout most of the world, and in due time more good news will come to the United States.  Until then, we need to stay strong, smart, and vigilant.  As was written during the past few weeks, this too shall pass.  Let’s hope sooner rather than later!

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