Photo of the Week!

F 12.15; 1/160; 142mm.

Shot on the north side of the White House — looking northward — in Washington, DC.

This week’s “Photo of the Week!” entry continues and expands on the previous installment: “For better, this is America.”  Last week saw millions of Americans coming together to protest the killing of George Floyd, as well as the long-standing systemic racism rooted in many police forces across the country.  The demonstrations were peaceful in nature — a few obscene stunts excluded, some coming from as high as the presidency — and profound.  If you missed it last week, the Washington Post‘s editorial board perfectly captured the national sentiment in its publication “Even amid strife, the best of America shows itself.”

A raised fist, like the one(s) pictured here, is a prominent symbol of Black Power.  Scenes like this one have been commonplace throughout the United States over the past few weeks, and just like at the 1968 Olympics, it’s been movingly representative of the current times.  Many, many tangible plans to reform the police have been introduced throughout the country in response to the protesters’ demands, and they have been met with widespread support.  Hopefully this newly-expressed power means that this time it’s different.

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