Photo of the Week!

F 3.5; 1/40; 24mm.

Shot at Grand Central Station in New York.

New York has an amazing new train station — Moynihan Train Hall — that represents a huge upgrade over its predecessor, Penn Station (stay tuned to The Higher Flyer for more coverage on this next week!). The passengers fortunate enough to travel through it will be treated to one of the best rail experiences in the country, although the verdict is still out on whether or not it’s superior to Grand Central Station. Sure, Moynihan is filled with contemporary amenities and has the “new” factor going for it, but with its beaux-arts architectural style, Grand Central is more cathedral than commuter hub (even though it exclusively functions as the latter); even its side corridors are impressive. Just look at the massively bright chandeliers, intricate ceiling trays, and imposing stonework shown here, and then consider how beautifully it all fits together. Your favorite might just come down to your preferred aesthetic… but I’m curious, what do you think?

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