Photo of the Week!

F 7.1; 1/1000; 102mm.

Shot adjacent to the Camera Obscura & Holograph in San Francisco, California.

The last Monday in May marks Memorial Day, a holiday observed in the United States honoring those who died during military service. The ensuing three day weekend meanwhile marks the unofficial beginning of summer; the solstice (which will make the change in season official) isn’t until June 20, but people — like the fisherman featured here — are already eager for adventure. Look no further than the exorbitant airfares and hotel rates and other travel necessities and other travel necessities to see how high demand is right now. A number of folks though, namely those eager to leave behind the winter and also the pandemic, are eagerly welcoming the changing season and the opportunities it provides… even if their wallets hurt as a result (and they find themselves stranded by airlines who have seemingly gone fishing, too). Fly higher, I guess.

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