Photo of the Week!

F 2.8; 1/500; 20mm.

Shot in Crozet, Virginia, near the Chiles Peach Orchard.

Like the previous entry in this weekly series, entitled “Let there be flowers!“, this picture was shot during the golden hour in Crozet, Virginia. Spring there is in full bloom, so indeed, rural Virginia’s rolling hills are dotted with bright, glorious colors in gardens, meadows, and farms. To take it all in makes for a stunning experience. The peach tree blossoms shown here are almost hazy in a way; they fuzzily blend in to one another as they extend towards the horizon. Contrast those with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background and the brilliant sky above, and the scene is bucolically idyllic.

Hopefully the beauty now foreshadows a spectacular summer. COVID infection rates are on the rise again and mysterious “breakthrough infections” are more prevalent — beware! — but remember there’s reason to be optimistic: things are trending in the right direction. Give mask wearing, social distancing, and increased personal responsibility just a few more weeks, and the trauma now will soon give way to happier, brighter days. Hang in there!

Unrelated, but “Fields abloom” is one of my first (of hopefully many) photos captured via drone. What a remarkable piece of technology!

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