Photo of the Week!

F 2.8; 1/1000; 24 mm.

Shot at Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Happy belated Earth Day!

If you’re vaccinated and looking to travel but unwilling to deal with the hassles of COVID tests or quarantine restrictions — who could blame you?! — consider visiting a “nature” destination. They’re abundant all over the world, relatively cheap to visit, and getting to them seldom requires a complicated itinerary. They offer a lot more than you might initially expect too. With views like the one pictured here at Ecola State Park, which is located along Oregon’s northwestern coast, it’s hard to imagine anyone getting bored here. Some spots are even close to major metropolitan areas, so if you like, you can have brunch in the city, hike in the wilderness all afternoon, and then be back in time for a night out and about. This photograph for example was shot about 90 minutes away by car from Portland; you could live this scene and so much more during a quick weekend getaway from anywhere in the country (provided that you live in the United States of course). Places like these are definitely worth your attention.

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In the spirit of Earth Day, a PSA: Climate change and the dangers it poses is irrefutable, and it will take everyone to save the planet from this crisis of our own making. The Higher Flyer is committed to a sustainable business model — THF offsets its high carbon footprint generated by frequent flying — and urges its peers and its readers to do the same. At the minimum, when you feel comfortable traveling again, please be sure to do so ethically and sustainably. Travel makes the world a better place, so let’s all work to make it better than we found it. Fly higher (and fly greener too)!