Photo of the Week!

F 4.5; 1/60; 24mm.

Shot at Miami International Airport’s E Concourse Satellite (specifically at gate E33).

With COVID vaccination rates skyrocketing and new cases/infections declining, a return to normalcy following the pandemic is closer than it has ever been. Naturally, with popular places beginning to open back up to immunized visitors, more and more people are beginning to think towards their future travel plans. While mask mandates will remain in effect for a few more months at least — until September at the earliest in the United States — and surges are still appearing all over the world, the worst for many seems to have passed. There are still plenty of clouds, but at least the sun is coming out on better times.

All things considered on a serious note, don’t let the sunshine ahead fool you: the global pandemic is still ongoing. For the sake of everyone, higher flyers need to be careful, diligent, and considerate. Look no further than India; what’s happening there now is tragic and scary, and reports describe conditions that mirror the very worst of epicenters in waves past. For just a little while longer, please wear a mask, and be respectful to not only those around you, but also the families of those around you.

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