Photo of the Week!

F 4; 1/125; 104mm.

Shot at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

The Higher Flyer‘s “Photo of the Week!” entry posted 52 weeks prior to today’s also (almost coincidentally) focused on Major League Baseball. Entitled “Back to Boston Baseball,” it reflects on how the pandemic altered the state of play for professional sports. This time a year ago, there were no games, and while players would return to the fields later in the summer, the experience would be totally different for everyone involved. Look no further than the season-end stats if you need any convincing!

Since then, it’s all the more obvious what an impact a competent vaccine rollout, plus effective implementation of virus mitigation techniques, can have on countering COVID. This image was captured in late-April 2021, and a crowd is gathered to enjoy America’s Pastime. This practically never happened in 2020, and this is visible progress. Sure, the stands aren’t close to full capacity and mask mandates are in effect — those in Dallas might have a different experience unfortunately — but this here at least looks like a scene from the Before Times, and it inspires visions of a return to normalcy. So, be sure to still keep your distance and cover your mouth AND nose, and if you have the chance, please get the shot! It’s effective. Do those simple things and soon you can make like the guy above and take your seat at a game!

Unrelated: I don’t necessarily root for the home team playing here, but the spirit of “iVamos Doyers!” is infectious; cheers to the players and their equally passionate fans!

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