Photo of the Week!

F 5.6; 1/500; 84mm.

Shot above Newark Liberty International Airport looking toward Manhattan.

As goes the metaphor for our current times, there are blue skies on the horizon, but a layer of foggy haze still remains. It’s dissipating rapidly, but it still hangs over everyone while casting a shadow on the ground. Thank goodness that a better day is coming, so hang in there until it’s all sunshine and warmth… whenever that may be definitively. The progress is encouraging so far, but be sure to keep wearing a mask, and please get a vaccine as soon as you’re eligible.

Now, in a more literal sense, Manhattan’s skyline, as well as docks in Northern New Jersey, are the subjects of this “Photo of the Week!” entry. This scene was captured immediately following takeoff on a United Express flight out of Newark. The city views in and out can be a real treat if you’re sitting on the correct side (usually on the left when facing forward) of the plane — you might even be able to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty — so long as there’s decent visibility.

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