On January 6, 2021: the host to American shame.

The Higher Flyer is a travel blog that caters to a relatively niche audience. Its posts are thematically consistent, and the vast majority of its articles are write-ups, analyses, and commentaries on the news; guides and advice sections on how to maximize purchasing power; and trip reports and reviews of various airlines and hotels. I occasionally like to publish my pictures too.

The insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 transcends any and all of these topics. Let the record reflect this: these events represent a dark moment in the history of the United States, and if you call yourself a patriot, you have a civic responsibility to condemn them unequivocally. This is not a liberal versus conservative issue, but rather it’s right versus wrong and there’s only one correct answer. The country has spoken and justice has prevailed; a pox on those who desecrate our democratic institutions!

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