Photo of the Week!

F 8; 1/500; ISO 100; 37mm.

Shot near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

On a beautiful, near-cloudless day in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a man goes skiing solo.  Maybe he’s playing hooky from work — who can blame him? — in the same way that someone might have a mid-week beach getaway in the summer.  Perhaps he’s more serious than that though; he has good form and he is skiing off-piste (despite the fact that he’s skiing in a wide open space in between what appear to be nicely groomed moguls).  When you consider that Steamboat is home to a disproportionate number of Winter Olympians, well, maybe there’s something more.  Seriously though!  This tiny town in the Rocky Mountains has a decorated unprecedented history of athletic success.  I’m not saying I know anything about this guy, but hey, you never know… maybe he’s extra-special.

At the minimum, he’s having a good time!

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