Photo of the Week!

F 8; 1/400; ISO 100; 38mm.

Shot near Jackson, Wyoming, at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

If the flurry (har har har) of pictures over the past few weeks haven’t been any indication, The Higher Flyer is a huge fan of the winter.  Combine the snow and the ice and the colors with the jagged natural scenery of a mountain range, and it’s hard to find more impressive sights.  Even when it’s bleak, like how it’s pictured here during a blizzard in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there’s still a certain beauty to it all.  Jackson, Wyoming, and the valley it occupies (named Jackson Hole), is a particularly special place.  It’s more of a summer destination than a winter one — although it’s nevertheless a hit with the skiers and snowboarders — and the powder takes on an “untouched” quality too.  It’s like nature on steroids, and definitely worth a visit!  You’ll want to bundle up though if you go explore up in to the mountains…

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