Photo of the Week!

F 4; 1/160; ISO 100; 18mm.

Shot at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC.

Like at the time of publication of the last photo of the week, the coronavirus outbreak is ravaging the world and people everywhere are being “asked” to stay indoors and away from others.  Restrictions on movements and gatherings are becoming universal, and the disruptions that these pose to daily life go a lot further than you might think.  Sure, you might not grow tired of teleworking — that’s becoming increasingly commonplace in the United States — but not being able to eat out for dinner (as many restaurants and bars have been forced to close) grows old quick.  These preventative measures have also (justifiably) cancelled a number of public events like sporting events, concerts, and other celebrations.  In Washington DC for example, the National Cherry Blossom Festival on the Tidal Basin won’t be celebrated in 2020 so as to discourage people from coming in widespread contact with one another.  Meanwhile the trees, as pictured here, still blossom.  But instead of throngs of people admiring their beauty, they stand alone in tranquility.  Such emptiness is quite a sight in a large city like Washington, but hey, we live in strange times.  Be sure to stay safe and refrain from traveling unless it’s absolutely essential; this too shall pass.

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