A Hilton DoubleTree masquerading as a quaint boutique hotel in the heart of Madrid

Hilton as a brand doesn’t have a particularly aspirational reputation.  Sure, its hotels are mostly comfortable and are more than serviceable, but the average Hilton usually lacks the glamour or pizzazz or charm that a mid-level Hyatt or a legacy Starwood property (RIP) might have.  Hilton’s DoubleTrees are some of the worst offenders when it comes to generic corporateness — they’re typically marketed to business travelers, and utilitarian design doesn’t lend itself well to pleasing aesthetics — but the brand’s sole property in Spain is an obvious outlier.  While “DoubleTree” might not evoke images of boutique luxury, the one in Madrid should very well challenge your assumptions.

Located in the heart of Madrid’s El Centro neighborhood, the DoubleTree Madrid-Prado is situated, as the names might suggest, right in the central district of Madrid.  It also won’t surprise you to learn that the property is about three blocks to the east of the Prado Museum.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better spot to use as your “base” on a trip to Madrid.  You can walk pretty much everywhere, nearby public transportation is abundant, and you can get to and from the airport in under 45 minutes.  It’s perfect.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 00 google map
Look at that!  The hotel’s right in the center of everything!  Click to see more (via Google Maps).

From the very first moment that you approach the front door, you’ll immediately be struck by the sense that this isn’t a typical DoubleTree.  This isn’t some massive glass building in an office park, but rather an Old World-style building on a quiet side-street with a facade oozing with charm.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 01 main street
What a picturesque city street!

Instead of a massive lobby with a capacity for (seemingly) a thousand people — as is common at the average DoubleTree — there are just a couple of standing desks.  It’s a quaint entrance, befitting of a boutique property, that’s well-lit, inviting, and sleekly (but not blandly) appointed.  The style of it, however, does not match the exterior facade.  It’s much more contemporary, and is reflective of the hotel’s decor.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 02 front desk
This isn’t what you might expect a DoubleTree to look like upon first entrance, but this is another instance in which the Madrid edition defies expectations.

As is DoubleTree tradition, you get a cookie that appears to be freshly-baked when you check in.  The gift makes for a warm welcome, and while it’s hardly unique, it goes a long way in further reminding guests that this Madrid property is neither bland nor faceless (never mind the fact that you get cookies at every single DoubleTree in the Hilton portfolio).

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 06 welcome cookie close up
You can get one of these at any DoubleTree hotel, but when you get yours in Madrid, it really helps to create the impression that you’re at a BnB.

Note that if you prepay for your room, which I did, you’ll receive an email from the front desk “inviting” you to hand over your credit card details from the hotel’s partner, Comercia Global Payments, prior to your arrival.  Furthermore, if you fail to complete this task before your check-in date, your reservation will be cancelled.  The email looks like it could be a scam, but know that it’s genuine.  If you see a page that looks like the following…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 00 prepayment confirmation

…know that you’re in the right spot!

Dealing with this can be a bit of a hassle, but the plus side is that it does make checking in quite painless.  Indeed, all I had to do was hand over a credit card, as one usually does, and I was issued a key.  The most challenging part, believe it or not, was making sure that cookie crumbs didn’t spill everywhere. 

A mere three minutes after first arriving, I was already on my way up to the room:  a King Deluxe (read:  a standard) room just up above on the second floor.  There’s an artsy staircase and an old-timey elevator…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 elevator lobby
Look at the marble stairs and the wrought iron… it’s neat!
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 elevator shaft
The staircase and exposed elevator shaft

…although that said old-timey elevator is out of commission.  Instead you have to take a more-boring but a more-functioning one right around the corner.  Luckily the stairs do work without a problem!

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 elevator
A boring yet functional elevator

The hallways in the hotel, like the lobby, are pretty contemporary-looking in terms of their style, but there is something immensely charming about the plush blue carpeting and the unique art fixtures.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 02.9 exterior hallway
Walking to the room through a cleanly appointed hallway

I was assigned room 103, a room that costs as much as the standard offering, but it is on the corner of the property and is marginally bigger than its peers.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 02.9 front door
Room 103!

Despite being a small boutique property — emphasis on small — under the guise of the DoubleTree label, the room projects a strong first impression.  The room felt neither drab nor utilitarian, in part due to the contemporary minimalist-yet-tasteful furnishings and the “wood” (ie laminate) floors.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 first view 04 bed
The first view when you walk in to room 103

There’s no way around the fact that there isn’t a lot of space to move around, especially if you’re assigned a room with a king bed.  One on hand, that’s too bad, but on the other, what else would you expect from a centuries-old building in downtown Madrid?

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 sleeping area
What you see is (mostly) what you get.

Thanks to high ceilings and a wall of windows facing the street — plus a ton of bright-but-not-hot light fixtures — the room at least feels quite airy and spacious.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 far wall
There are lots of windows to help make the space appear bigger…
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 bedding artsy angle
…And the plenty-high ceilings are useful in serving the same purpose
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 curtains
Perhaps the print on the curtain is a little bit too “Old World.”  It’s not totally-disgusting though!

The view out of said windows is charming in the sense that you can look out on to a scene with classic European architecture in a charming neighborhood.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03.5 shuttered

But the downside to this is that, in room 103, you’re perched juuuuuust above street level and feel kind of exposed.  If you’re modest, you’ll want to have your drapes drawn at all times.  On a surprisingly positive note though, almost no noise from the street made it up to the room.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03.5 regular view
You’d think that being right above a scooter rack would be a death sentence for a good night sleep, but…

The bed itself, while teetering on the edge of being too big for the space, is incredibly comfortable.  It’s firm without being slab-like, and soft enough to make the sleeping arrangements feel luxurious without being too cushy for its own good.  For those who fuss over the thread counts of sheets, you might find these ones to be a bit coarse, but that, along with everything else, all comes down to personal preference.  After a day of walking around Madrid, this is nevertheless a great place to recharge.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 bedding
It’s nice, it’s big, it’s clean.  Perfect!

Flanking the bed on both sides are two night tables equipped with all the fixings you’d expect in a contemporary chain:  lights, an alarm clock with a USB input, a telephone, a pen & pad of paper… the usual.

There are also foldable reading lamps baked in to the headboard that are easy to miss; they easily could be mistaken for decorations.  The switch controlling their brightness is even smaller.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 reading lamp on
When the “gold bar” is flush against the headboard, it’s easy to miss.

Power outlets, in this room, come in twos (for a total of seven.  Four at the bed, two at the desk plus a universal outlet, and then there are two more in the bathroom.  There are several more USB ports to boot).  Two can be found on either side of the bed.  Whether or not those are sufficient depends on what devices you’re traveling with, but the set up worked for me.  It helps that all are easily accessible and smartly spaced apart; there’s nothing worse than when you plug in a charging brick and it obstructs access to another outlet.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 light switches
Some plugs and some switches just above one of the night stands.

Opposite the bed lies everything else that you could want in a hotel room (aside from a place to go to the bathroom), and just like the bed, everything seems just a tad bit too big.  Then again, it’s not like the interior designers have a lot of space to work with, and high ceilings and big windows can only work so much magic.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 sleeping area quarter angle
A TV, a desk, an arm chair, and a cabinet filled with stuff are all here.

The desk is far from ornate, but the wood grain looks good and feels pleasant to the touch, and there’s plenty of space to spread out and work.  The chair however is nowhere near as pleasant.  Hopefully you don’t rely on chair backings for support when you work!

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 desk
An aesthetically-pleasing but flawed choices of furniture.

There are thankfully lots of plugs:  two USB ports, two European outlets, and one universal outlet are present and ready to serve the business travelers that DoubleTrees typically cater to.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 desk things
It shouldn’t be a challenge to keep all of your devices charged here!

A 49 inch flat screen television is mounted directly above the desk.  It offers a respectable number of channels in a number of different languages, although the quality of the feeds (at least the English ones) are standard-, and not high-, definition.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 television
It’s big…
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 television quality
…But the quality, generally speaking, is pixelated.

Immediately adjacent to the desk is a standing cabinet of sorts and an awkwardly-placed armchair.  The latter just doesn’t look like it belongs.  Or rather, it does fit in stylistically, but there’s not enough room for it to fit in comfortably; where else could you put it though?  You have to actively walk/squeeze around it when going to and from the far side of the bed, and it’s not like there’s an abundance of space where it could go instead.  I suppose it could be nice to sit in and watch TV, but having this hulking cabinet right next to you might feel a bit claustrophobic.  No thanks.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 cabinet and easy chair
Each piece of furniture looks good individually, but together… ehhhhhh.

At least the cabinet does provide a tangible value-add.  It’d be convenient if there were drawers for clothes, but would that be as fun as…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 cabinet opened
The inside of the cabinet is fun!

…a decently-stocked snack bar?  Probably not!  That said, the collection on offer here is far from unique, and it mostly checks all the boxes.  There’s a kettle and coffee pot that can be used to brew (complimentary) tea and coffee, which are kept alongside the requisite creamers and sugar cubes.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 cabinet coffee
A kettle and the like ready for use.

If the hot, liquid caffeine won’t suffice, there’s a “half-bottle” of red wine smack-dab in the middle too.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 cabinet wine
For those who crave something a little bit stronger.

A cabinet within the cabinet holds a mini-fridge, and it’s loaded up with all kinds of soft drinks, beer, sparkling wine, and a respectable collection of spirits.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 minibar open
Lots of different options waiting to quench your thirst.

While there are 17 different beverages available — plus coffee and tea — the snack selection isn’t as strong.  There’s a single bag of chips, another of crackers, trail mix, and some candy… and that’s it.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 cabinet snackies
Well, the snack bar skews heavily towards drinks, but hey, it’s something.

The prices are, as you might expect, overpriced — a single bottle of Coke paired with a bag of chips isn’t worth ~$8.00 — but relatively speaking, it’s not bad for a city hotel in Europe.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 minibar menu 02

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 minibar menu 03
Notice how non-alcoholic beer is more expensive than regular beer #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmm

If you hold elite status with Hilton, you’ll also get two bottles/cartons of water upon your arrival, along with a couple of chocolates and a “welcome!” note from the general manager.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 06 welcome amenities
A welcome gift that doubles as a snack
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 06 welcome water
“Agua en caja mejor” translates to “boxed water better.”  That’s not false advertising!
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 06 welcome chocolates
Maybe not substantial enough to be a snack, but they’re definitely tasty!

Finally, on the wall nearest the door, you have a truly full-length mirror.  Seriously, it’s like, 8 feet tall.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 sleeping area reverse angle

There’s a short hallway connecting the main sleeping/working/living area to the door, and off of it, there’s a catch-all mounted on the wall, the only closet and significant storage area in the room, and, most importantly, the bathroom.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 foyer

The bathroom is like everything else in the hotel, which is to say that it has a small footprint, but because of more smart interior design choices and good lighting, it feels much bigger than it is.  The marble tiles adorning the walls are particularly stylish and luxurious looking.



2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05 shower tub
…That looks just as appealing once you step inside…




2019 hilton doubletree madrid 03 first view 03 bathroom
A glimpse in to an attractive looking bathroom…
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05 shower tub
…That looks just as appealing once you step inside…

Clearly this bathroom is classy and inviting, but as a result of the small space it occupies, some things seem to be stacked on top of each other when you’re using them.  For example, to get in to the bathtub, you have to step around the toilet.  If you’re like me, I don’t want to be anywhere close to the place where I do my business neither before nor after scrubbing myself clean and freshening up.  Then again, I am a diva; perhaps this is a non-issue for everyone else.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05 bathroom first view
…but gosh, look down and you’ll see there isn’t a lot of floor space!

Once you get around the commode, you’ll encounter a cardinal sin of shower design:  the controls are not accessible from outside the water stream.



2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05 shower controls
It looks nice, but…

This means that to turn on the shower, you have to be either really flexible or really quick or really lucky to avoid getting doused by cold water.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s what it looks like when you try to reach around…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05 shower controls design flaw
Still quite a reach yet to go

And thanks to the strong water pressure will ensure that you get lots of water, no matter the temperature!  The silver lining to this though is that if you shower in the morning, you’ll be treated to quite the wake up, and once the water heats up, you’ll be in for a soothing (invigorating?) experience.

The shower is terrifyingly close to the toilet…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05 toilet
This toilet could be at any hotel anywhere in Europe.  It’s pretty standard.

…which is directly across from the sink and counter.  If you have decently long arms, you can practically sit on the toilet, lean far enough forward, and wash your hands.

Okay, maybe things aren’t that close together, but it feels like it.  If you take a big step back while you’re brushing your teeth, you’ll bump in to the toilet.  This is a good time to reiterate that a lack of space is to be expected at a city hotel in a centuries-old building in a European capital.  There’s just not going to be a lot, if any, extra room.  If you set your expectations appropriately, you won’t be disappointed AND you’ll appreciate the useful design features like the ample counter space for your belongings.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05 sink
This countertop is clean and spacious and appropriately sized.

The DoubleTree Madrid also gives you A LOT of amenities.  How can you be mad about a relatively cramped bathroom when you’re given six total bottles of Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries?

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05.5 crabtree and evelyn toiletries
Man or woman, you’ll be smelling delicious thanks to these!

And if that’s not enough, there are all sorts of complimentary supply kits, like a toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor and cream, and thread, needles, and buttons (for fashion emergencies), among other things.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05.5 amenities menu
The DoubleTree pulled out all the stops!

There’s a built-in vanity mirror mounted on an extendable arm off to the side of the main mirror, along with a few power outlets available for shavers and hair dryers and whatnot…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05.5 vanity mirror
More amenities for your convenience

…And there’s also extra towels, a hair dryer, and a hair straightener under the sink.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05.5 undersink goodies

All the basics and then some are accounted for, but perhaps the coolest feature of the bathroom comes in the form of a built-in stereo system.  Is it practical?  Not particularly, but listening to the music of your choice through a surprisingly good speaker while showering/going through the mundanities of flossing is delightful.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05.5 speakers activated
If you don’t have an auxiliary cord, you can also play the radio or the audio feed from the television.
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 05.5 built in speakers
High above the bathroom sits a speaker, waiting to pipe in music and other sounds to the bathroom user’s delight.

Hopefully the neighbors didn’t hate me too much.  I never heard them either though.  So, all’s well that ends well?

Anyway, more amenities can be found in the closet right next to the entrance to the bathroom.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 closet

Nothing that you’d find in here is as cool or as impressive as a stereo system integrated in to a bathroom, but there is a simple pleasure to putting on slippers after a long day and a hot shower.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 closet slippers
A very underrated amenity.

There’s also a pair of robes available for use, which are of average quality but they too are so nice to don and lounge around in.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 closet robes
Kinda fluffy but still more than enough

The hotel does make it very clear though that these robes are “on loan” only.  Don’t try to take one home with you or else you’ll be hit by an unpleasant bill.  As per the front desk, a robe is €89.  These robes are not worth $50, let alone nearly $100!

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 closet robes not for free
This purchase would not be cozy for your wallet.

Lastly there’s a shoe polishing mitt, also produced by Crabtree & Evelyn, available for your use.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 closet shoe polish crabtree and evelyn
It’s not everyday that you see one of these in a hotel room!

The closet otherwise is a little bit on the small side, but it’s remarkably similar to what you would find pretty much anywhere else in the world.  There are shelves and drawers and hangers, plus a safe and ironing kit.  If you’re visiting Madrid for an extended stay and/or traveling with more than one traveling companion, there probably won’t be enough space for all of your clothes, so plan accordingly.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 closet interior
Whelp, nothing special or out of the ordinary to see here.
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 04 closet storage
There are drawers available, but they’re not very big unfortunately.

The DoubleTree Madrids’ rooms, despite their small footprints and, uh, “quirky” features, are both stylish and supremely comfortable.  It’s clear that a lot of thought went in to how they appear, and while the architects’ jobs are done, the housekeepers still do a lot to maintain the excellent room designs.  Their attention to detail is astonishing.  For instance, I took a nap one afternoon on the side of the bed closer to the windows before leaving for dinner.  When I came back later on, the bed was turned down as such:

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 06 turndown service
Housekeeping must’ve noticed a lump in the mattress on that side of the bed and responded appropriately.

As another courtesy, housekeeping left a note informing me of a taxi strike that would/could impact my future travel plans.  It was a thoughtful gesture that gave me the opportunity to plan my trek to the airport the following day.  Much appreciated!

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 06 taxi notice
It’s not every day that you get a letter like this one!

And finally, they slipped a coupon for the in-house restaurant:  Kirei by Kabuki, a Spanish-Japanese fusion place that has about a dozen other locations throughout the country.  There just may have been an ulterior motive for giving me this though…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 dinner coupon
Ah, what subtle advertising!

Anyway, the most impressive aspect of the service was that the interactions were so minimal.  It was strange in a way; I never once saw a housekeeper, but whenever a housekeeper was needed, the job would get done.  The same goes for the receptionists, the concierge team, and the restaurant wait staff.  They were always there… but not.  Perhaps they’re all spying on the guests?

(I’m kidding).

The rest of the hotel is small — as you would expect — and its few public spaces are neither big nor particularly well-laid out.  The layout is best thought of as a collection of  disconnected nooks, like the one pictured below that’s near, but not inside, the lobby.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 tucked away seating area
A seating area for two that doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of purpose

Across from this pair of chairs sits a credenza containing some reading materials and rudimentary snacks.  It’s convenient to have these around, but it’s hard to imagine a situation in which a guest would actively seek this out to spend time.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 supply table
Could this be any more nondescript?

These fixtures are in addition to a communal work table that’s located directly across from the main reception area in the foyer of the onsite restaurant.  It’s really kind of awkward when you think about it.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 business center
For the (few) people who might consider using this:  there are also no electrical outlets here.

The gym in the basement too is tiny — and it doesn’t even have the tall ceilings like the other rooms do — but there’s enough equipment available so that guests can get some exercise.  That said, there probably isn’t enough space to support more than a half-dozen visitors at any one moment.  At least the machines are high quality and everything is kept clean.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 gym reverse angle
Kinda spartan looking but what are ya gonna do?
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 gym
One type of cardio machine is here; nothing more nothing less!

There’s a bar back upstairs in a room that’s separate from the seating areas pictured above AND the main restaurant.  The space is attractive for sure, but I never once saw anyone — no guests and no employees — here.  Perhaps this set-up is exclusively self-service, or maybe it’s just something to fill the space.  In any case, it’s here…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 bar
This is admittedly a neat

…and it’s complementary to another, DIFFERENT bar located in the DoubleTree’s onsite restaurant, Kirei.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 07 restaurant
While not a traditional bar, there’s high top seating available and an abundance of beverages

For 75 percent of its opening hours, Kirei is part of a full-service chain that serves Spanish-Japanese fusion cuisine throughout the country.  It’s a neat concept and the menu looked really tasty, but the restaurant was inexplicably closed the two times I wanted to eat there.  Oh well, maybe next time, but some forewarning would’ve been nice.  For the other 25 percent of the time, the restaurant hosts daily breakfasts that are free for Hilton elite members.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast menu 00
Free breakfast is hosted here, and specialty/made-to-order items can be requested from this menu.

The made-to-order selection in the morning is a lot more Spanish and European than it is Japanese, and these options are rather limited.  It is possible to pay extra to order something more premium like ratatouille or eggs Benedict, but even still, you’re only looking at about a dozen total choices.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast menu 01
Not a lot of free things you can order from here…
2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast menu 02
…and there are even fewer paid things you can order.

The quality of the “special” food also leaves something to be desired.  It wasn’t bad per se, but the omelette I had was small (albeit by American standards) and really, profoundly salty.  It’s never good when you maximize your daily healthy dose of MSG before 7:30am.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast omelette

The complimentary buffet thankfully makes up for any of the deficiencies on the menu.  Once you’re seated by a host, you’ll be given a cup of coffee or tea, a plate with individual jars of jam, and then you’ll be free to peruse the buffet.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast coffee

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast jams

It shouldn’t come as a surprise given what’s been written thus far in this review, but because the spread is so massive and the restaurant’s footprint is small, the food can’t all be contained in a single place.  Instead, there are three separate nooks each with their own unique offerings.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet area 01

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet area 02

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet area 03

Everything was well-stocked, especially by European standards.  There were all kinds of fresh fruit, for instance…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 04

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 05

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 06

…and cured meats and cheeses…

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 10

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 08

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 09

…and even some salad and sushi!  The verdict is still out on weather or not the sushi was day-old/Kirei’s leftovers from the night before.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 11

There were a few hot foods in serving trays too, but these were soggy-looking and unappealing.  Then again, it’s hard to keep a dish warm AND appetizing.  If you’re craving hot food, an item from the made-to-order menu would be your better bet.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 13

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 14

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 15

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 16

The pastries and breads are one of the highlights of the spread, as there’s a wide variety to choose from and everything is relatively freshly-baked.  A basket of piping hot churros were placed directly in front of me while I was perusing the selection one morning, and boy, that made for a breakfast to remember!

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 19

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 18

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 02

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 01

There were also a few quiches and flatbreads available.  Truly something for everyone!

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 12

And of course, there’s plenty of “designer” dry cereals too.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 17
Rice Krispies, anyone?  What about Cocoa Krispies?  Frosted Flakes?  Surely you won’t settle for Corn Puffs, right?

Your drink options are equally varied.  You can ask someone on the staff to bring you a beverage of your choice, or you can serve your self to any one of the six types of juice available.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 20

If you’d rather brew your own coffee rather than having a waiter deliver it to you, there’s a machine available for use.  In addition to “Americanos” it can also brew espressos.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 21

Rounding out the drinks is a tub of ice filled with various wines (including cava for mimosas) and sparkling and still water.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 07
In the bucket of bottles, there’s even some sparkling wine!

And if you can’t find just what you want after going through all that, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find it in this miscellaneous cluster of accompaniments.

2019 hilton doubletree madrid 08 breakfast buffet spread 03

Like the rest of the hotel, this breakfast at this DoubleTree does an admirable job catering to a number of different travelers and tastes.  No matter your preferences, you can easily get whatever it is you want here.  Good luck finding dissatisfaction though.

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, the DoubleTree Madrid-Prado is one of your best bets in Spain’s capital city.  It’s not a terribly expensive place to stay, but despite relatively low nightly rates, it feels like a luxurious boutique that should cost 30 to 60 percent more than it does.  Sure, there are a few flaws, but ultimately they amount to nothing more than a few quibbles… if even that.  The rooms are so very comfortable, the location is arguably one of the best in the city, and the staff is meticulous in their attention to detail.  It all makes for an impeccable higher flyer value, and even if you don’t hold status with Hilton, this DoubleTree is worth a visit.

The good, the bad, the ugly of the DoubleTree Madrid-Prado

  • The Good
    • The “vibes” of the hotel are warm and sophisticated and stylish, but nothing is over-the-top or nouveau riche.  This place epitomizes “classy.”
    • It’s cliche to call a property’s location “unbeatable,” but…
    • For a city hotel, nightly rates aren’t terribly expensive.  The DoubleTree Madrid-Prado represents excellent bang-for-your-buck.
    • There’s not a lot of space to work with on the property, but the designers here did a masterful job maximizing each available inch.  Some compromises had to be made of course, but most everything is really well done.
  • The Bad
    • The rooms could be too small for some.  A boutique property in the heart of an Old World capital city isn’t going to be spacious to begin with, but some might be put off by the limited space anyway.
    • This hotel really can’t be considered anything more than just a place to sleep at night.  Its offered amenities are limited.
    • There are a few small misses, like a disappointing breakfast menu and confusing restaurant hours and ill-fitting furniture, that, while minor, do noticeably detract from what’s an otherwise exceptional hotel.
  • The Ugly
    • The design of the shower is so, so frustrating.
    • The furniture seemed just a little bit too big for the room.
    • The nightly rates, which are influenced by the limited room supply, could potentially become really expensive during peak tourist season.

“Another Weekend to Europe” Trip Report

Have you stayed at the DoubleTree Madrid-Prado before? What are your thoughts?