Photo of the Week!

F 6.3; 1/250; ISO 100; 135mm.

Shot at Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport in Charlottesville (duh), Virginia.

It became cliché to write this weeks ago, but whatever:  we live in strange times.  Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, as well the measures to mitigate the threat that it poses, daily life around the world has halted.  As temperatures rise in the northern hemisphere and trees and flowers begin to blossom, people ordinarily go out and about to celebrate spring.  Things are obviously different in 2020 though, and eerily-still, publicly-trafficked areas have become symbols of this period.  In fact, this has been the subject of the past two “Photo of the Week” entries.

While government-mandated restrictions on activity might feel dramatic and draconian, they’re in place for good reason.  All of us have to do our part to reduce the reach of the coronavirus, and practicing disciplined social distancing is one of the simplest things that we all can do.  One hot air ballooner took this to a literal new level.  With the airspace at the Charlottesville regional airport a lot more empty than it usually is — flight traffic has understandably been reduced significantly there — someone saw an opportunity to get out and fly AND social distance.  Good for him, and I’m sure he was rewarded with a beautiful view for his efforts (in addition to doing the right thing).

As was written during the past few weeks, stay safe and hang in there!  This too shall pass.

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